Pontevedra is known for the quality of its seafood and many people travel to the province just to try it, no wonder! However, in Pontevedra you can find a variety of traditional dishes beyond seafood. If you are thinking of traveling to the Galician province and want to organize your meals well, here you will find the typical food of Pontevedra, so you can enjoy the best dishes, you will not regret it.

Typical food of Pontevedra: from the sea to your plate

Although, as in all cities in Spain, you can find a wide variety of dishes, in the case of typical Pontevedra food we could not start without talking about seafood and dishes with products from the sea.

Arcade Oysters

Oysters have been one of the most coveted products for centuries, and Pontevedra is known, not only in Spain, but throughout the world, for the high quality of this food. With an intense smell and exquisite taste of the sea, Arcade oysters exceed the expectations of the fame that precedes them. Coming from the Rias Baixas, the parish of Arcade has become the main port for collecting these oysters so that all of Galicia can enjoy them while they are still fresh. If you visit Pontevedra, it is something you should definitely try.

Lerez oyster soup

Following the line of oysters, Lerez oyster soup is, without a doubt, a typical food from Pontevedra. With the best quality of oysters, potatoes, onion, garlic and parsley and with a light touch of lemon, it is one of the most served dishes, especially in winter. Simple, but very tasty, it will help you keep warm on the coldest days.

Lane Clams

Among the clam varieties, the Carril clam is one of the largest and with the most intense flavor, coming from the town itself. Along with the fine clam, it is one of the best valued in Spain. Ideal both to include in rice dishes and to eat with typical dressings such as clams with garlic or marinara. Have you tried them yet? Which way do you like them best?

Lobster with Picadillo chocolate

Although it may seem crazy if you have never heard of it, this very original combination of ingredients creates a unique dish that has established itself as an essential of typical Pontevedra food. Combining the intensity of the flavor of Galician seafood, with the sweetness of an exquisite chocolate in which the lobster is stewed over low heat, this is a dish that will surprise you and that you will surely want to repeat.

Albariño, tetilla cheese and Porriño bread

Of course, there is no better way to enjoy all this typical Pontevedra food than accompanying it with a good Albariño, which with a mild but characteristic flavor is a very good option for any meal. But, not only the drink is important, but also the bread, and Porriño bread is considered one of the best in Spain. Thanks to its crispy crust and fluffy crumb, it is perfect for dipping and leaving the plate clean. Although you can also try it with the delicious Azunxao tetilla cheese, winner of the award for the best cow cheese in Spain in 2019.

Llanderos Cake

Finally, what better than to finish this list of typical Pontevedra food with dessert, the Llanderos cake. With a crunchy and hard base due to the cookies that make it up, which is covered with a layer of butter cream. As a final touch, a layer of laminated almonds and chocolate joints to give it that characteristic touch. Don’t forget to leave room for this delicious dessert!

Don’t be left wanting, rent an apartment in Pontevedra and visit the city to try all these dishes, enjoy one of the best cuisines in Spain and tell us which is the typical food of Pontevedra that you like the most.