The city of Pontevedra, on the Portuguese Way to Santiago, offers pilgrims an experience full of charms and attractions. From its magnificent historic center to its emblematic bridges and various places of interest, Pontevedra invites us to immerse ourselves in its rich history, beauty and gastronomy.

Tour the Historic Center of Pontevedra

The heart of Pontevedra is located in its historic center, a labyrinth of cobblestone streets and squares full of charm. Here, pilgrims can enjoy beautiful historic buildings, such as Iglesia de San Bartolomé dating back to the 18th century, and the Iglesia de la Virgen Peregrina, with its impressive image of the city’s patron saint.

iglesia de la peregrina en pontevedra

We cannot fail to mention the Plaza de la Leña, a lively place full of bars and restaurants where pilgrims can take a break and taste the delicious local cuisine. Furthermore, in this square is the iglesia de San Bartolomé, an architectural jewel that deserves to be admired.

Get to know the city’s emblematic bridges

Pontevedra is known for its impressive bridges, which offer panoramic views of the Lérez River and the city. The Burgo bridge, medieval in style, is one of the most emblematic and gives us impressive views. Crossing it is an experience in itself, allowing us to contemplate the natural beauty of the environment.

Another notable bridge is the Tirantes Bridge, a modern architectural work that contrasts with the city’s tradition. This bridge joins the two banks of the Lérez River and has become a symbol of the modernity of Pontevedra.

Discover other places of interest in Pontevedra

In addition to its historic center and its bridges, Pontevedra is home to other places of interest that pilgrims cannot miss. The Mercado de Abastos is one of them, a wonderful place where you can buy fresh products from the area and enjoy authentic local cuisine.

mercado municipal pontevedra

Another point of interest is the Plaza de la Ferrería. Here, pilgrims can enjoy the liveliness of the city while exploring the shops and bars that surround the square.

Finally, the Plaza de la Peregrina is another must-see place. Here is the sanctuary of the Pilgrim Virgin, one of the main tourist attractions of the city. The square also has restaurants and cafes, perfect for resting and admiring the wonderful views.

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