Find where to eat in Pontevedra with our gastronomic recommendations included in the Michelin Guide if you travel and stay in one of our tourist apartments in the center of Pontevedra

If you visit Pontevedra you cannot miss its gastronomy and from Tourist Apartments in Pontevedra We want to recommend three of the restaurants included in the Michelin Guide located in the center of the city so that you can enjoy and give a treat to your palate.

Next, we present the three restaurants with Michelin Star located in the city center:

1- La Ultramar: This tavern or tapas bar is located in the historic Sarmiento building of the Pontevedra Museum and a few meters from our Pedreira Tourist Apartments</span >.

This restaurant, run by the renowned chef Pepe Vieira, offers a cuisine fusion that goes from calamari sandwich to steak tartare. Your letter, which is based on local products, has ideal portions for sharing and offers service take away so you can enjoy their dishes wherever you want.

  • Address: Calle Padre Amoedo nº 1-3
  • Price:
  • Make your reservation or order now : 986 857 266 / 649 605 290

2- Loaria Restaurant: This two-story gastrobar is located in the historic center of the city in one of the squares most emblematic of Pontevedra, the Plaza de la Leña.

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It has with a wide current dishes menu with a regional base perfect for sharing. In addition, you can enjoy their tapas on their wonderful terrace in the Plaza de la Leña.

  • Address: Plaza de la Leña nº 2
  • Price: €
  • Make your reservation now: 986 858 815

3- Eirado da Leña: Este wonderful restaurant is also located in the beautiful Plaza de la Leña and  was the first to receive the first Michelin Star from the city of Pontevedra.

Directed by chef Iñaki Bretal, this restaurant has a modern kitchen with clear Galician and seafaring roots without putting limits on fusion details and always incorporating the flavors that are discovered around the world. In addition to its careful menu, it has two tasting menus. Its avant-garde food with Galician roots makes it a must for people who love it. I like to enjoy a wide variety of dishes and flavors.

  • Address: Plaza de la Leña nº 3
  • Price: €€
  • Make your reservation now: 986 860 225

This is our reference to the restaurants included in the Michelin Guide located in the center of the city. Remember that apart from these three restaurants, Pontevedra is rich in gastronomy and there are many restaurants without a Michelin Star that are a delight for all the senses.

Finally, we remind you that if you need tourist accommodation in the city center, all of our Tourist Apartments in Pontevedra are located in very quiet and central streets to be able to enjoy the life, culture and gastronomy that this wonderful city located in the Rías Baixas offers.

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