From Apartamentos Turísticos Pontevedra we make our cultural recommendations if your vacation destination is Pontevedra

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Welcome to Pontevedra, one of the cities in Galicia richest in history and with many corners what to see if you travel to Pontevedra. This provincial capital called “Boa Vila” (Good Town) has one of the best preserved historic centers in Galicia. In addition, it is a practically pedestrian city with a lot of atmosphere in its streets, ideal for walking and getting to know its culture and gastronomy.

Next, we make a list of the essentials what to see in Pontevedra :

      1. Plaza de la Peregrina: one of the most emblematic places in Pontevedra, where the Church of the Pilgrim and the sculpture of the Loro Ravachol  
      2. Iglesia de la Peregrina: located in the Plaza de la Peregrina, this sanctuary is the most important in Pontevedra and is dedicated to the Virgen de la Peregrina, patron saint of the city and symbol of the Compostela pilgrimage.
      3. Convent of San Francisco: founded by Francisco de Asís, it is in the Gothic style and stands out for the rose window on the main façade and the tombs. medieval.
      4. Plaza de la Herrería: it is another of the most visited and emblematic places in the city. In the past, the blacksmith trade took place under its beautiful arcades, hence its name.
      5. Plaza de la Leña: is another of the most emblematic and lively squares in the city surrounded by bars and restaurants. In ancient times the firewood market took place, hence its name.
      6. Ruins of the Church of Santo Domingo: it is one of the medieval monuments that is located in the center of the city and is part of the monuments of the Museum of Pontevedra.
      7. Pontevedra Museum: this visit is worth it. It is made up of six buildings (Ruinas de Santo Domingo, Edificio Sarmiento, Edificio Castro Monteagudo, Edificio García Flórez, Edificio Fernández López, Sexto Edificio) and in it there is a good representation of the history of Galicia from Prehistory to the present day..noticia pontevedra 2
      8. Mercado Abastos:Located near the Puente del Burgo, this market is a building with great historical value that stands out for its architecture and the quality of food products.
      9. Plaza de las Cinco Calles: It is located in the Old Town of Pontevedra and is home to the house of the famous playwright and poet Ramón del Valle Inclán. In this square you will find a cruise and the entrance to five main streets of Pontevedra. Without a doubt, the Historic Center of Pontevedra is one of the best preserved in Galicia and we advise you to visit all its corners.
      10. Puente del Burgo:It is the best-known bridge in Pontevedra and from it this city takes its name (Pontus Veteris). In addition, it is a symbolic bridge for pilgrims who, as they pass, say goodbye to the city to continue heading towards the Camino de Santiago. puente del burgo pontevedra

    In addition to these tourist recommendations, you cannot miss visiting the Basilica of Santa María la Mayor, Convent of Santa Clara, Church of San Bartolomé, Plaza Pedreira and taking a walk through the Alameda and the Sculpture Islands Park.

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